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First, summarize how technology has changed the work of law enforcement professionals in the past two to three decades. Consider new types of crime or ways crimes are committed and how criminals are found, arrested and prosecuted.  

What ethical issues have resulted from technology? Provide examples of these issues. If you were asked to prepare a code of ethics related to technology, what would it include and why are these inclusions important?  

1. Technology Changes in Law Enforcement 

Clearly and fully summarizes technology changes in law enforcement

2. Clearly and fully identifies ethical issues related to technology for law enforcement professionals 

3. Provides at least one clear example for each ethical issue provided related to technology and law enforcement 

4. Clearly and fully identifies the components of a personal ethical code 

5. Clearly and fully explains the ethical reasons for the personal ethical technology code inclusions 

 Written papers or scripts should be a minimum of two pages. 


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