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The course textbooks, readings, and practical assignment provide a solid basis from which to develop a personal philosophy and model of leadership. Please think outside the box on this assignment. In addition, utilize the information and feedback you have gathered from completing the questionnaires in developing your philosophy of leadership.

Include the following:

  • personal definition of leadership, 
  • the key theoretical concepts that support your style, 
  • interactional practices, 
  • biblical principles with specific scriptural references,
  • and a visual model of your leadership philosophy. 

In this assignment, you are free to reuse portions of the biblical aspects completed for the practical assignment but you will still need to expand upon your prior work.

Use a minimum of 12 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the references cited in the practical assignment. Compose your research paper using the A P A guidelines. The length of your paper should be between 2500-3000 w o rd s.


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