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Behavior in and of itself is very unique to Evey individual throughout all situations. Often times it is someones behavior that seems to be captivating in setting such as a courtroom, intimate settings, or an emergency situation. It is the presence of these behaviors that can have an affect on both the individual and those around that individual. Behavior is activity through muscle, glands, or neuro-electrical elements (Malott and Shane, 2014). It should be understood that there is a difference between behavior and response. It could be said that a children crying because they were hungry is a behavior and a response. The behavior is crying, but the crying is not necessarily a response from the stimulus (hunger). The crying could be a mere action in order to get the attention it may normally garner (Malott and Shane, 2014). Why else is it important to know the difference between behavior and response?



Malott, R. W., & Shane, J. T. (2014).  Principles of behavior (7th ed.). London, England: Taylor & Francis.


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