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Compare and contrast the key features of descriptive and analytic epidemiology (5points).

2) Select a health problem (please do not provide hypothetical scenarios) and describe the occurrence in terms of person, place, and time. You will be required to research the health issue in order to develop a response. All three areas must be mentioned in your response (5 points).

3) How do cultural practices and religious beliefs account for mortality and morbidity differences? Find some examples to support your view (5 points).

4) An abrupt drop in mortality due to a specific cause is observed from one year to the next.Identify at least 2 possible reasons for this change (5 points).

5) Access the and click on the “data” tab. Once there, go to the “Health &Safety Data” tab on the left tool bar. From this data tool, select five data elements toreport on for the geography of your choice. It can be city, county, or state level data thatyou report. You must identify the geography and timeframe, and then report on five (5)


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