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Write a 1 page essay on Being An Adult.

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I believe one of the significant aspects of adulthood is the ability to support and fend for oneself without one’s parental support. As individuals leave their home and enter college or this work environment this is exactly what is required of them, constituting a significant aspect of assuming adulthood. While I recognize that moving out of one’s parent’s home constitutes a significant aspect of adulthood, another important aspect is simply living one’s existence after the age of eighteen. In these regards, when one passes this age they assume significant legal responsibility. For instance, they then assume legal responsibility for their actions, as if they commit a crime they will be tried as an adult. At age eighteen, individuals are also given the right to vote, join the military, and serve on juries. With this in mind, it’s clear that even if the individual doesn’t have specific experiences, they are still forced to encounter adulthood through these legal elements.


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