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Please let me know if you need more time. I am willing to work with you and I will repost. I use your info as a research, it is not my final submission. I always do my own work. I just like to get others input. Please don’t feel this is the ultimate. I am an Engineer ( 30 yrs+) and I appreciate your true input.”Network Security – Information Security Audits (word count 250)Which of the following would be part of an bi-annual corporate audit (see a-e) and what type of information would be gathered including which polices if any would apply?(see attachment)a)A review of background investigation materials for randomly selected security personnel.b)An discussion with a small number of randomly selected employees about how they handle passwords.c)Reviews of all firewall logs since the last security auditd)A search of random employee PCs for P2P software used for illegally sharing music and corresponding music files (assume this is against corporate policye)An discussion with the division CIO about the performance review processes used for the security staff.


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