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Difference in the trial balance, if any, can be taken as miscellaneous expenses or income.

Bank overdraft is secured against hypothecation of stock. The Bank overdraft outstanding as on 31/3/2003 accounted for 80% of drawing power. Such power is ascertained by deducting 20% as margin from the value of stock as on that date.

Purchase include sales return of Rs.5500/- and sales include purchase returns of Rs. 4750/-.

Goods withdrawn by the owner for own consumption amounts Rs.7500/- included in purchases.

Wages paid for installation of plant and machinery amounting to Rs.750/- were included in wages account.

Depreciation is to be provided  on plant and machinery @ 15% p.a. and on furniture and fittings @ 10% p.a.

Create a provision for doubtful debts @ 5% and provision for discount on debtors @2.5% .

A debit balance of Rs.2500/- in the account of Ram, a creditor is included in the list of sundry Creditors.

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