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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Reaction to the Movie Passion of the Christ.

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(The Making of The Passion of the Christ, 2003). As a believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible, I fully understand the miracle of how this movie beat all odds and logic to be aired in such a controversial world that is against anything that is Christian and Godly. Its production, its airing, its rating, everything surpassed logic. To me, it was God-ordained and inspired as only a very famous and well-liked celebrity such as Gibson, one with so much influence, could be chosen (by God) to get the job done. If I were an “ordinary” person, it would probably not have passed all objections. Not only this, but Gibson funded it with his own money so it did not need the approval and funds of anyone

else. A movie with this much violence with an R-rating would normally cause parents to not allow their children to view and a movie about religion, a specific religion (Christianity), no less, would definitely not bring in the masses.


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