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I am trying to Create a Java class named HeadPhone to represent a headphone set. The class contains: ? Three constants named LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH with values of 1, 2 and 3 to denote the headphone volume. ? A private int data field named volume that specifies the volume of the headphone. The default volume is MEDIUM. ? A private boolean data field named pluggedIn that specifies if the headphone is plugged in. The default value is false. ? A private String data field named manufacturer that specifies the name of the manufacturer of the headphones. ? A private Color data field named headPhoneColor that specifies the color of the headphones. ? A private String data field named headPhoneModel that specifies the Model of the headphones. ? getter and setter methods for all data fields. ? A no argument constructor that creates a default headphone. ? A method named toString() that returns a string describing the current field values of the headphones. ? A method named changeVolume(value) that changes the volume of the headphone to the value passed into the method


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