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  1. The most important factor in the creation of a national market was
  2. a.Mail-order businesses
  3. b.Capital investment
  4. c.Expansion of the railroads
  5. d.A growing population
  1. Giant corporations that dominated entire sectors of the economy were called
  2. a.multi-national corporations
  3. b.trusts
  4. c.non-profit corporations
  5. d.banks
  1. Trusts were created through
  2. a.horizontal expansion
  3. b.vertical integration
  4. c.both a and b
  5. d.mergers and acquisitions
  1. By 1890, the richest 1 percent of the population received the same total income as
  2. a.the bottom 50 percent
  3. b.the bottom twenty-five percent
  4. c.the other 99 percent
  5. d.the bottom ten percent
  1. Hundreds of thousands of families acquired farms under
  2. a.government protection
  3. b.railroad generosity
  4. c.the Middle Border Act
  5. d.the Homestead Act

More than half of California’s farm workers were immigrants from


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