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write a 1-3 page memo for the Vice-President (see Overview). Base your analysis solely on what is contained in the annual report. Support every statement you make about the company with information you obtain from the report. Include citations that indicate the page numbers of where the information was obtained in the report. The memo is to include/address:A paragraph briefly describing the company.What you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this organization.ProfitabilityLiquidityWhat the auditors foundUnique features and/or potential problemsAdditional information/explanation you would have liked to have had but was not in the reportYour recommendation to buy or not to buy in your conclusion.Your reference list will only include the annual report. Since this is a memo, simply include the reference at the end of the memo. Follow this format: Microsoft Corporation. (2010). Annual report 2010. Retrieved from http://

Whole Foods Market


Las Vegas Sands

Jacobs Engineering Group

Arrow Electronics

Manpower Group


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