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*I WILL USE WRITECHECK TO CHECK IF YOUR ARTICLE HAS ANY SIMILARITY WITH THE ARTICLES FROM WEB, IF THERE IS MORE THAN 1O% SIMILARITY, THE ANSWER WILL BE DENIED. So please don’t waste your and my time if you just want to copy the source from any books or web to the paper you will give me.

*Please write about your own thought and do your own original work.

*Please see the attach file. (See the Market Consumer Research Guidelines and Rubric1.doc first, then you can start your work)

4 pages, excluding photos (you don’t need to find the images) and a separate cover page,

Double spaced, with 11 pt. size font, and 1 inch margins on all sides

Reference list is required

Higher quality, more tips:D

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3
  • Attachment 4
  • Attachment 5

Running Head: AMAZON AND ONLINE FASHION SHOPPINGAmazon and Online Fashion Shopping Student name Course Professor’s name Date due 1 AMAZON AND ONLINE FASHION SHOPPING 2 Amazon and Online Fashion…


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