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IET 405

Production & Inventory Control

Case study 4

(Total 10 points)

Question 1: Why does it make sense to address the problems of planning and control in a manufacturing system with a hierarchical system? What would a non-hierarchical system look like?  

[2 points]

Question 2: Give some possible reasons why MRP has spawned elaborate hierarchical planning structures while JIT has not.

[2 points]

Question 3: What is the difference between causal forecasting and time series forecasting?   

[2 points]

Question 4 In this era of rapid change and short product lifetimes, it is common for process

technology to be used to produce several generations of a product or even completely new

products. How might this fact enter into the decisions related to capacity/facility planning?

 [2 points]

Question 5: How must the capacity/facility planning and aggregate planning be coordinated?

What can happen if they are not?


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