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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Annette Jacksion’s Small Craft Store to Web Conversion.

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The lack of an already existent website can be viewed as a handicap, besides the low number of staff appointed to run the business. Therefore, the shop must look towards expanding its team of employees and creating a website that is comprehensive in terms of the details of products, purchase catalogue, and the like. Thus, this project management and expansion needs some analysis to begin with.

The PAPERS Methodology is useful in such a scenario, when process, customs, promotion and web support are the major criteria in the formation and growth of the company. For instance, the eBay website employs the support of the customers and users of the website. They act as dealers of products and intermediaries. The website not only provides a great forum for buying and selling of products, but also gives the dealers, buyers and sellers the opportunity to discuss and share opinions and knowledge on various products via forums.


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