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Read the attached file.

Part 1

  1. Come up with an example of a consumer related habit and how it has been classically conditioned. Identify each of these components: the unconditioned stimulus, the neutral stimulus that becomes conditioned, and the response.
  2. Come up with an example of a consumer related habit and how it has been operantly conditioned. Identify the response and the kind of reinforcement (positive or negative).

Minimum words is 250 and cite any reference in apa format. Part 2

Design an advertisement for a product, service or brand. If possible, take a photograph or create a video on youtube that you can link to. Explain how the material of this unit helped you develop a more effective advertisement.

Your assignment should be two pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.

Part 3

Each day, reflect how you forgot to do different things (especially purchases). How could a marketer have helped you remember these? 

Minimum words is 300 and cite any reference in apa format.


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