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Need an argumentative essay on What you have learned about your own speaking style. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Organizing my ideas is one key quality that has helped me improve my overall public speaking. Before acquiring a grasp on this vital quality, there used to be a variety of incoherent ideas jumbled up in my mind. Such chaos in my mind never let me speak with confidence in public. Other people also used to experience mental strain when trying to understand me.

However, logical organization of ideas in my mind before publically speaking on any subject has sufficiently resolved this problem. Because of a weak grasp on a foreign language in my initial days, I could not maintain eye contact with others while speaking to them. This has led others to jump to wrong conclusions about me many times. Connecting with the audience is critically important which calls for looking at other person in the eye. This helps to convey a clearer message to the other person. Working on this quality has also helped me to enhance my public speaking


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