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Edit this for grammatical errors: Plain English can be a very effective method of communicating, particularly in the technical communication areas. There are several benefits that can be gained from using a Plain English style of writing as opposed to different approaches. Some of the advantages of using the plain English style approach are that the style consists of and provide an easier understanding and clarity for the reader. It is also a more direct style because it has clear and concise statements rather than other types of styles. Plain English contains words that are easy understandable by the average reader and it can be very effective to use in order to avoid miscommunications which can lead to mistakes or slow down the process of things. Thus meaning it increases the efficiency of things. I can only think of a few disadvantages of using plain English. One of being; it takes more words to make complex statements sound simpler. Also depending upon who it is addressed to or meant for it might not be the appropriate setting to use it in or environment.


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