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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Introduction to statistics.

Line graphs also allow us to see overall trends such as an increase or decrease in data over time. Clearly, looking at the graph we don’t observe any disparity in the data given

The intuition can further be confirmed from the t-test significance analysis conducted. From the table below, the percent of goods moved in the year 2000 was 16.53 while that moved in the year 2009 was 15.69, this shows no significant difference. Also from the same table (table 2), we observe that the p-value=0.206&gt.0.05 (significance level), we thus fail to reject the null hypothesis and conclude that indeed there is no significant difference in the goods moved in the year 2000 and those moved in the year 2009.

In this part we regressed the 2009 data on the 2000 data since the data was found to follow a normal distribution we opted to use a parametric test (Bivariate regression analysis), we used bivariate because we only had two variables to test (simple linear regression) and the model produced


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