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I have an assignment of a powerpoint presentation on Theoretical Framework to Support Evidence-based Practice. It is only 7 slides not including the title and reference slide

Slide1: Introduction Slide 2 and 3: Identify Theory or model- Nursing theory or model Explanation of its relevance to family nurse practitioner role. Slide 4: Identify and issue or concern in selected area of nursing practice. Explain the impact of this issue issue or concern on health outcomes. Slide 5-6: Explain how the theory or model can serve as a framework to support evidence- based practice to address issue or concern. Discuss the unique insight offered through the application of this theory or model. Slide 7 Conclusion- Summarize key information. Having trouble finding articles within the 5 years fro this assignment. Possible issues or concerns include patient smoking cessation, symptom management of pain, child vaccination, when to talk to a person about ending treatment for a terminal illness, PSA for prostate screening. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


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