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Prototype using Java console application prompt user to enter 1 to start game and 2 to view game history, if user wants to play game prompt user to enter 2 for player names. Players will be presented with alphabets, each player must enter alphabet in available alphabet list if player enters alphabet. Alphabet is removed from list, only vowels should be removed from list. Before word can be accepted players must agree if word is valid or not. If word is accepted one point is awarded to each letter in word. Letter can be used more than once in creation of word but must be removed from list. Once letter is removed player cannot enter word with missing letters ,display message for this. Prompt player to enter new word, game continue till player cannot create more words if player cannot create more words, player must enter three ??? Marks. Once player quits game display winner of game with accumulated points. Name of winner must be saved in text file with time and date. Text file contains list of players in hall of fame, players can view hall of fame by entering 2.


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