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For this assignment you will write a three page paper providing a review of a community resource and two virtual resorces that are available to you. Please include:

a. one commubit resource to share with parents and to use an early childhood professional to support children’s development 

b. one virtual resource to share with parents 

c. One virtual resource that you Can use as an early childhood professional 

For each of these resources please provide the following

a. A summary of what the resource includes and how it supports children’s development

b. A rationale explainibg why this resource is valuable to educators and parebrs 

c. An explanation of how you will use this resource as an educator ornhow you will encourage parents to use this resource 

This paper should be 3 pages not including the tite page and reference page and must be formatted in APA style. You must include one community source, two virtual resources (websites), the textbook, and one additional scholarly source must be formatted In APA style 


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