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Write a 1 page essay on How will I schedule time for me everyday.

the next progress is to go home for my wife and kids where I have to do some relaxation activities that I have mentioned above (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005). However, there are ten ways to make the schedule better such as purchase a calendar, prioritizing my tasks, trying to complete these tasks according to priority, stick to the schedule, check the complete tasks using marks, allowing space at the bottom of the schedule for low priority items, transferring undone items to the following list, adjust the schedule as expected for personal lifestyle, selecting excellent format and filling each day with constant tasks (Newport, 2006). For me to improve my commitments, I should be realistic in order for the schedule to act as a real guide, that would help me plan time well, also I should be flexible in following the schedule because things would come up that requires me to deviate from the schedule and that I should be able to evaluate the schedule in order to observe whether it is offering good


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