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I need help on question 15 and 16. I really want to understand how an enzyme catalyze reaction by lowering activation energy and the mechanism of actions. On question 16 I want to know the cellular site of use, the relative energy levels and how it relates to food and breathing. Thanks

3 . Compare and contrast the transport mechanisms listed below , including the direction of movement andhe energy sourcea . DiffusionFacilitated diffusionC . Osmosisd . Active TransportExocytosisf . Endocytosis14 . Describe the role , and interpret recognize , or provide examples of energy coupling ( coupled reactions ) .15 . Characterize enzymes with respect to their biochemical composition , role in the cell , and mechanism s ) ochanism(s ) ofaction . Explain how enzyme catalyze reactions by lowering activation energy6 . Write the summary reaction of cellular respiration and indicate the reactants and products , their cellularsites of use or production , relative energy levels , which have become oxidized and which have becomereduced , and how each relates to food and breathing


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