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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Analysis of policy document linked to school observation.

They have charts typically found in any pre-school classroom, although the titles have French translations. Unlike traditional classrooms, children were not given chairs and desks, instead they sit on the floor with no uniforms. the chairs and desks, however, are readily available in case they need those.

The lecture and activity making are the most interesting parts. The teacher frequently instructs the children both in English and French, although she uses the latter most of the time. Children as young as 5 years old can already interact with their classmates with basic French words such as “comment allez-vous?” to mean “how are you?” The lesson for that day was nouns. The teacher had a huge chart full of big pictures of animals, places, celebrations, etc. Each picture is labeled with its English and French names. During the discussion, the children were so interactive and it seems to me that the teacher knows her pupils very well and knows how to handle


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