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For this essay, navigate to the CSU Online Library, and locate two articles about two different anxiety disorders discussed in this unit.

1. On your first page, make a chart, and compare/contrast the symptoms of the two disorders you chose.

2. Explain what makes anxiety disorders different from the other categories of disorde rs discussed in previous units.

3. Using your text book, reflect on the link to criminality between the two disorders. Write one page, using APA  citations, explaining the link to criminality and your opinion on why people with these disorders do (or do not) commit crime.

Your assignment should be created using a Word document; a chart should be present on the first page, and a minimum of one page of text should be present.

Be sure to include a reference page with APA citations

Text Book Schug, R., & Fradella, H. (2015) .Mental illness and crime. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage


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