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Project E: Outline

Prepare a detailed outline of the major themes that would be covered in a literature review of your chosen topic from Projects C & D. Be sure to include such items as the problem statement, purpose statement, significance of the study, theoretical framework, a brief literature review, proposed research questions, and the type of qualitative research method that would be used. In addition, a biblical worldview perspective must also be included, as well as annotations from at least 10 scholarly resources. There is no page limit for the outline; however, one should keep in mind that the outline will be used for Project F, which consists of at least 6 pages of text 

Project F: Mini Dissertation Proposal

Submit a proposal of at least 6 pages (no more than 8 pages). The proposal must include the problem, purpose, significance, conceptual/theoretical framework, brief literature review, biblical worldview, research questions, and proposed qualitative research method. Annotations and references must also be included.


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