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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Assumptions.

Celeste being a loyal wife wants to help her husband as she realizes that the responsibility of her children lies on her shoulder as well in the same way as her husband. She wants to ease the burden put on her husband by working along him and earning for the house.

4. Jim should look for any other job which is flexible with his routine.

The job should have a flexible timetable which is according to the demands of the family. This job would also help him to give adequate time to his family.

1. Jims resignation from other jobs would provide him with enough time to spend with his family and it would create good effects on his children and wife. Jim should consider having a leave from his part-time job so that he can check if his resignation from that particular job would matter or not.

2. Division of work would make it difficult for Celeste to give appropriate time to her home and job and hence it would be hectic for her. She should get advices from different working women and work


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