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Even though this practice helps keep the prices at Wal-Mart low for the consumers, something Wal-Mart states as its primary purpose, on the other hand, such trade practices result in jobs being taken away from the Americans and being handed over to others like the Chinese, thus lowering the living standard of the average Americans.

Without stable jobs, the average American consumer would not be able to buy most of the consumer products, even if they were to be offered at such low prices as Wal-Mart does.

It is argued by some that American jobs are not lost – more are created in different spheres – as a consequence of this outsourcing. However, such jobs do not pay the some nor do they come with the same benefits as manufacturing jobs. This is what “Creative destruction” (pbs) is all about, I agree with the statement that, in essence, while Wal-Mart is doing its best to make products affordable for consumers, by doing so it is, simultaneously, destroying the local US manufacturing


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