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Nonparametric Test /Parametric Test

  •  Mann-Whitney U-test            
  • Paired t-test
  •  Friedman test                           
  •  One-way ANOVA
  •  Kruskall-Wallis test                 
  •  Independent groups t-test
  •  Wilcoxon signed-ranks test      
  • Repeated measures ANOVA

Using the information provided, indicate which statistical test you think should be used for each of the following situations:

a.      Independent variable: normal birth weight vs. low birth weight infants; dependent variable: breathing rate (in breaths per minute).

b.     Independent variable: time of measurement of same patient (before, during, and after surgery); dependent variable: heart rate.

c.      Independent variable: time of measurement (before, during, and after intervention); dependent variable: did vs did not exercise regularly.

d.     Independent variable: infertility treatment A vs infertility treatment B vs control condition; dependent variable: did vs did not become pregnant.


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