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Write 1 page essay on the topic Legal Aspects of International Business.

This relates to performing especially copyrighted music, plays or other literary works in public. Therefore, the copyrighted work cannot be exploited by another person for economic gains without permission from the author. It aims to safeguard the economic returns that are due to the author due to that work.

Under section 102 of the U.S Copyright Act of 1976, the 7 categories of works eligible for copyright protection are literary works, Motion pictures and other audiovisual works, dramatic works, choreographic works and pantomimes, sound recordings, musical works together with the accompanying words and pictorial, sculptural and graphic works.

Ann invention is a new creation either by manufacturing or composition that is unique in its aspects. It may be a new process, a new or better use of an existing material or process. Therefore, it can be a new technical or scientific idea. Inventions often arise from extensive research. They are protected through intellectual property


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