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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic IMPACT OF VIDEO GAMES ON STUDENT GPA and STUDY HABITS.

According to Diamong and Sauer (2014) video games have no effect on GPAs. Specifically Math and Reading performance remain unaffected among adolescents. On their part, Mifsud, Vella and Camilleri (2013) cited mixed outcomes on learner literacy. Blumberg et al (2013) noted the lack of findings on the effects of violent video games on GPA prevents an informed position on the issue. In light of these balanced findings, common thing is that proper instruction could control any negative impacts of video games on GPA.

Blumberg, F.C., Altschuler, E.A., Almonte, D.E., & Mileaf, M.I., (2013). The Impact of Recreational Video Game Play on Childrens and Adolescents Cognition. New Directions for Child & Adolescent Development, 2013(139), 41-50.

Mifsud, C.L., Vella, R., & Camilleri, L., (2013). Attitudes towards and effects of the use of video games in classroom learning with specific reference to literacy attainment. Research in Education, 90,


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