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Compose a 11250 words essay on Industry analysis of UK beer industry. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Added to this is the slowly eroding public perception of beer due to rising incidents of binge drinking among the young. Above all, the industry which hitherto had been dominated by many small and medium scale breweries and family-run community pubs appears to be undergoing consolidation, with the small businesses facing closure or acquisition by larger, more efficient beer companies and multinationals. From all indications, the beer industry appears to be undergoing a paradigm shift.

The problem with this scenario is that the British pub and small breweries are widely regarded as part of British cultural heritage going back by more than a millennium. While other commercial ventures may pass into oblivion because they have ceased to be relevant or useful, what appears to be the inevitable disappearance of the community pub and local brewer is lamented by many Britons as the death of a vital part of the nation’s identity, and must not be allowed to happen.


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