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Can you answer the following questions? I need help.


A single unbalanced force on an object in free space will result in:

A. the object moving at a constant, unchanging velocity.

B. the object moving with changing velocity.

C. the object not moving because all forces are balanced by equal forces directed oppositely..


An object moving at a constant speed in a circular path is constrained to that path due to:

A. an inwardly directed centripetal force.

B. an outwardly directed centrifugal force.

C. a force that is directed tangent to the circular path.

D. No force acts on objects that move in circular paths because the speed is constant.


Without being connected to a battery, voltage and current can still be induced in a closed loop of wire by:

A. moving the wire near a magnet.

B. moving a magnet near the wire.

C. changing the current in a nearby wire.

D. Choices A, B, and C are all true.

E. None of the above choices are true.

Thank you.


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