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Write an essay that persuades your teacher to update some allusions in Hamlet for a contemporary teenage audience. Perhaps Termagant and Herod were effective allusions during Elizabethan times, but you will provide allusions that will have a similar meaning to the original, but that a modern audience will understand.

You are simply replacing allusions in the original text with your own allusions to our contemporary culture. Explain how the original allusion works, and why your example would be an effective replacement for a modern teenage audience. You may wish to use allusions that you have already researched in previous activities, though you are free to use different ones. You need to smoothly integrate at least one quotation in the body paragraph(s). Since most of you are teens, you will not need to conduct any original research, as you can speak as an authority.

Your thesis can be simply stated as something like: updating these two allusions in Hamlet would effectively target a contemporary teenage audience. 

Include a Work Cited page.


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