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In the upcoming “Revengers: Vicinity War” film, the “Incorrigible Bulk” R

 supports a beam

of length L = 10.0 m and mass M = 500 kg at its center. The “Astonishing Spider-Dude” R

(mass ms = 75 kg) hangs from one end of the beam by a web, and “Nickel Guy” R


from the beam a distance d = 3.0 m from where the Bulk is supporting it. (See illustration.)

The moment of inertia of the beam about its center I = 1/12ML^2

(a) If the beam is perfectly balanced, what is Nickel Guy’s mass?

(b) Determine the Bulk’s supporting force on the beam.

Nickel Guy then drops from the beam, so it is no longer balanced and begins tipping about

the point where the Bulk is supporting it.

(c) What is the magnitude of the linear acceleration of Spider-Dude just after Nickel Guy

releases the beam? Take care calculating the forces on the beam and relating the accelera-

tions of the beam and Spider-Dude.

(d) What is the tension of the web from which Spider-Dude is hanging just as he begins



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