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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Read all the primary sources i will send you the . After you are finished, go back and re-read the Rape of Lucretia and in a one paragraph , discuss what you think a foundation story like this is meant communicate and why. It will help you to review.

Lucretia held unto her virtue even if it meant defending the virtue by her life. Another important message the case conveys is that people need to be careful in choosing whom they associate with. It was the husband’s friend who raped Lucretia and this simply shows that not all the people any individual associates with are people of honor even if they are respected people in the society. However, blame can also be laid on the husband for bragging about the wife out at a drinking den and for bringing the friend home to see his virtuous wife. Such cases may have happened in the society in one way or another. We have had of cases where friends to the husbands have seduced each other’s wives bringing chaos in these families. This case Lucretia passes important morale lessons to the


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