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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Breastfeeding.

The researchers noted the presence of a divide in understanding the breastfeeding approaches that Amanda was taught while in hospital and putting these approaches into practice. Importantly, this disconnect exists despite Amanda indicating her ability to understand concepts. Conversely, the second case presents Connie’s frustration to breastfeed her infant twins despite her motivation. It is instructive to point out that Connie, who is a registered nurse, received support from nurses who taught her the approaches to breastfeed. Nonetheless, she faced many obstacles despite the instructions she received, which effectively frustrated her although unrelenting practice eventually achieved success.

The authors’ work is crucial in a clinical setting since it underlines the importance of nurses to develop interventions tailored to the needs of an individual mother. In addition, the researchers’ work highlights the importance of considering the motivation and cognitive appraisal in establishing a breastfeeding


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