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The second tab “Tab 2 – Data”  shows 6 months of usage of our Ultra-absorbent Underpads, used for incontinent patients which are currently purchased on contract with MANU. A sourcing director was able to find an equivalent product for $0.50/each (EA) that we could purchase from China.  


(1) What would be the impact overall, by campus, by accounting unit, by unit “type” (ICU, BURN) of switching to the alternative from China? 

(2) Assuming that there are costs associated with conversion besides the cost of the actual product, what might those be and how would you work those into your analysis?

(3) What are some other things that you might consider (besides cost) when evaluating this alternative? 

(4) Given what you know about NYP, is there any data missing that would affect the impact you’ve calculated?

(5) Was there anything you noticed in the data that was interesting or caught your eye?

Put together your analysis,recommendations and notes on “Tab 3 – Presentation”. You are welcome to use additional tabs if needed


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