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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses What is an Outcome.

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What is theoretical probability? It is the probability that assumes that all outcomes in a sample space are equally likely to occurWhat is relative frequency method or empirical probability? Empirical probability relies on actual experience to determine the outcome of outcomesWhat is subjective probability? Subjective probability uses probability value based on an educated guess employing opinions and inexact information.What is a probability distribution? It consists of the values a random variable can assume and the corresponding probabilities of the values which are determined through experiment or through observation. What are the odds of an event? Odds of an event are applied in gambling games to make them fair.What is the multiplication principal for finding number of outcomes? P(A ?B)=P(BA)×P(A) Chapter 7 section BWhat are independent events? Events can be independent if occurence of one of the events does not affect the probability of another occurring.


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