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Can anyone answer the following questions from the movie Shattered Glass ?

  1. What is the purpose of journalism according to Stephen Glass?
  2. Where did Stephen Glass work?
  3. What was Stephen Glass’ position where he worked?
  4. How big was the magazine where Stephen Glass worked at the time?
  5. At the time of the film, how many magazines existed in the US?
  6. What was the unique about the magazine where Stephen Glass worked?
  7. What was the name of the second editor in the movie?
  8. What was Glass’ biggest story?
  9. What was the name of the fictitious company Glass wrote about?
  10. Which competing magazine called to fact-check Glass’ story?
  11. How diid Chuck Lane know that the National Assembly of Hacker’s Conference did not take place?
  12. Describe Lane’s rationalization of Glass’ behavior?
  13. What was Lane’s concern regarding Glass’ actions?
  14. Why did Glass believe Lane was punishing him>?
  15. How many stories did Glass fabricate?

Your HELP will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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