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Supreme Company uses a job-order costing system and had two jobs in process at the start of March: Job No. 152 with a total beginning cost of $72,400 and Job No. 161 with a total beginning cost of $62,100. The following information is available: The company applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine hours. Budgeted overhead and machine activity for the year were anticipated to be $1,310,400 and 52,000 machine hours, respectively. The company worked on four jobs during the month of March. Direct materials, direct labor incurred, and machine hours consumed were as follows: Job No. Direct Material Direct Labor Machine Hours 152 $12,700 $8,760 900 161 — $12,640 1,100 163 $25,780 $24,900 1,850 165 $12,650 $ 5,610 650 Indirect production costs incurred during March included charges for depreciation ($12,500), indirect labor ($28,600), indirect materials ($2,100), and other factory costs ($75,600). Cardamon, Inc. completed Job No. 152 and Job No. 163 during March. Job 152 was sold on March 24th.

What is the cost of goods manufactured for the month of March?


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