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W4 P2 A. Push strategies — are primary defensive tactics designed to secure the cooperation of retailers, gain shelf space, and protect against competitors.B. Trade Promotion — sales promotions aimed at members of a distribution channel- is one of the principal tactics marketers use to ”push” a product through the distribution pipeline.C. Pull Strategies — offensive tactics designed to attract customers and increase demand for the product. Consumer advertising and consumer sales promotions are examples of pull strategies because they are designed to induce customers to seek the product and pull it through the pipeline.Above are three strategies, how does a company utilize each of these strategies? Please give examples and be specific in the examples, and include whether or not they are effective. Why there is a trend away from push strategies and towards pull strategies?

Push strategy generally involves in the marketing strategy without initiating the request that pushes itsway in front of users. The company utilizes this strategy for generating brand awareness,…


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