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Write 1 page essay on the topic To what extent was the March 1968 reevaluation of the Vietnam War, as a function of Cold War ideology, accomplished to satisfy domestic concerns rather than international concerns.

The fight angered the people back in the states as the promise of the war ending had been breached and the confidence of the administration had dwindled completely. The people wanted more than ever for the war to end and not to continue with retaliation which would mean addition of more troops.

The President’s declaration of the war ending in March of 1968 was therefore made to calm the people down and fulfill their wishes even though the international concern would loom over the decision. The best international course of action and which was being recommended by the general was addition of more soldiers but this would divide the nation even further than it already was and hence the president ended the war. The end of the war satisfied the people but they still lacked trust in their president and he decided not to seek re-election having let down the


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