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U Take a Test – CRYSTAL ROSE – Mozilla Firefox 7(D H htlp5:,t‘f = ‘l 54428233E¢ien1 erWin =yes 90% V Test: Unit 4 Test (sections 5-2, 5-3, 5-4) Time Rem-aim .: :- . El SubmitTThis Question: 1 pt 1 3 of10 (U completelv II] This Tbst: 10 p15 possible {1- Assume lhaltne given procedure yields a binomial distribution Witn n trials andthe probability ofsuccess for one trial is p Use the given values gin and pin ?ndthe mean I; and slandard deviation a Also, use the range rule oftnumblo ?ndtheminimum usual value pi25andtne maximum usual value p+2cs in an analysis of preliminary test results from a gender-selection method, 39 babies are born and it is assumedtnat 50% ofbabies are girls‘ so l’l :39 and p: 0.5. The value oftne mean is p: .(Simplifyyouranswer) The value oftne standard deviation is a: (Roundto one decimal place as needed.)The minimum usual value is [1—252 (Roundto one decimal place as needed]The maximum usual value is p+2cr= (Roundto one decimal place as needed) Enteryour answer in each oflhe answer boxes,


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