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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Life is a Trajectory.

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The river never gets stagnant. From the tender brooks on the lap of the mountains, it runs down as streams getting titanic form and passing by greatest civilisations and mighty cities of the world to end its long drawn journey into the ever eclipsing oceans where the entity of this particular river gets effaced along with many joining the mighty procession called life. In a similar manner, life initiates on the lap of parents, tender and wild, innocent like a flower. At that point of time, love, care and nurturing becomes the only need of life. At the brink of youth, vibrant and exuberant life has an unknown threat to explore the unexplored, to experience the inexperienced and navigate through the dark and unseen abbeys of the wilderment. Then comes the middle age with maturity of perception and wide experiences, where the tramping feet gets shackled with added responsibility and thought that echo in redundant way that wounded knees were better than broken hearts.


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