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I need someone to re-word/ re-write the paragraph below, it cannot look similar to the one below. You can add your own opinion/words to this as long as you make it sound legit. Thank you!

After by listening to the works by both Debussy and Mahler, I prefer Debussy. I consider Claude-Achille Debussy, Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune to be a more peaceful sounding piece verses Mahler. In regards to this style of music I prefer the calming melody, lightly stroking sounds of the violins in Debussy and it tends to be light on the ears. In addition, the playing of the harp within this piece is what I describe to be the sound of angels.

The one element that I find to be interesting with this Debussy’s music piece is that it has a calming sound of the music plays from high to low within the last two minutes of the song. To me, If find this to be unique because most fade outs with songs happen within the last fifteen to twenty seconds. The types of things that inspire me to creativity in regards to this piece are the way that the song captures the calming mood.


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