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Question 1 will be based on Vitamin D deficiency and hypertension: 

a.   What might be future health risks if these conditions go untreated long-term?

b.   What general dietary advice might you give someone to help lower his blood pressure and increase his serum Vitamin D levels? (Please come up with 3 – 4 suggestions)

Question 2 will ask you to choose a vitamin or mineral to spotlight and give the following information:

a.  List 2 food sources for this micronutrient.

b.  What are its main functions in the body?

c.  What are symptoms of a deficiency?

Question 3: If you were a member of parliament advising Kenya’s head of state regarding future investment in biotechnology, what might you point out as potential benefits or hazards of GMO’s in your country’s food system? For example, how could GMO’s potentially address some of the specific problems affecting current agricultural production, e.g. arid soil, extreme weather conditions, high product loss from pests and disease or present health and environmental risks?


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