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  1. How would you explain the “Cold War” to a group of junior high students?
  2. What is meant by the term “geopolitical climate”?
  3. How was the geopolitical climate shaped by the Cold War? Give examples.
  4. What is a “proxy” war?
  5. Where did some of these “proxy wars” take place?
  6. What happened as a result of these proxy wars?
  7. How does Mr. Green and Crash Course describe the Cold War?
  8. Interview someone who grew up during the Cold War (1945-1991) and ask them what there thoughts were on world events. Were they involved in any proxy wars or conflict? Did they worry about nuclear war? Did they fear Communism? Were they concerned the Soviet Union was trying to expand their “sphere of influence”? Did they have concerns about any aspect of U.S. foreign policy? Explain.
  9. one of the Non-Alignment Movement countries and report on why they wanted to be neutral during the Cold War. Were they successful? Explain.
  10. How Did the Cold War has shape the global geopolitical climate today? Who benefited the most? Who didn’t? Why?


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