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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses MacGruber ( comedy film 2010 ).

Such acts made him appear as an idiot hero, who made audience laugh at him ironically (Alter 2010).

The theme of the movie revolves around the character of MacGruber, who made life-saving inventions with the help of household materials. Throughout the entire story, he kept on getting in and out of extremely sticky conditions, but he managed to handle those situations with his crazy mind tricks (Taccone 2010).

Although MacGruber was a hero and the main character of the story, but every other character of the movie was explicitly called “idiot” by him for his stupid acts. This has been the main problem of the story because its settings and designed actions failed to make up audiences’ mind about his own comedy action hero (Alter 2010).

Therefore, it could be concluded that the director and writer both have intended to present a good comedy movie, but the below average performance and designed actions of the hero have diverted attention of audience from the original theme to his stupid


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