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In addition, he suggested that the United State show a non-proactive resistance that could even lead to the breakdown of the Soviet Union (Miscamble and George 39).

In other places in the United States where had started to spread, the Truman doctrine was adapted. Truman requested for help from Turkey and Greece and promised to contain the spread of communism in Europe via the assistance of any country with the economic and the military help in case their stability received any threats firm the Soviet Union. The Truman doctrine is the ground of the president’s foreign policy. Truman argued that the cold war was a selection between oppression and freedom and that the people of the united states were forced to support the free individuals and leave their own choice and decision to avoid getting involved in the European issues . It is thus clear that the Truman Doctrine was not just a strategy of containment but also an American challenge to the ambitions of the Soviet Union (Miscamble and George


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